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White Label Marketing For Your Business

What do Google, Alibaba, and slack all have in common? They use white label marketing. White labeling helps with customer service, web support, app development, logo design, and many other things business owners need to be taken off of their plate. But what is white label marketing?

White labeling is the practice of hiring or rebranding another company’s product/service/design and offering it to your customers as your own. It’s the same as when a songwriter sells all rights to a song to a label, or like a ghostwriter

writing a novel.

How does this work with marketing? White label marketing outsources marketing needs, like

SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing to an agency specializing in the specific kind of marketing your business needs.

The marketing products and services created by these outsourced companies are then rebranded under your business’ name.


It’s pretty awesome when you think about it. This means you can have an entire company without having to have skills in every area of your company. If you excel at management and leadership, but not in the creative fields, your business can still thrive. This is how most apps, and games are created today. People have an idea and find others to make their vision come to life, while still gaining intellectual rights to all property created.

Some of the reasons businesses use white label marketing are:

  • to save time,

  • keep overhead costs low,

  • save on labor,

  • and stay up to date on industry trends.

But I have found the main reason white label marketing is used is to make more money.

You may have a client that loves your services and asks if you also can do x y and z. You don’t offer everything that they are asking for, but you don’t want to miss out on a sale. You see the potential to gain more revenue, have a repeat customer, AND expand your services so you outsource that job, keep a client happy, and make money.

As a digital marketer, I do A LOT of white label marketing for other companies and it has made me very profitable. My advice is to remember that you don’t have to have all of the answers, nor do you have to do everything yourself. White label marketing is really just a fancy way of saying outsourcing, and as your business grows, it’s something I hope you consider.


Lily Rose DMA

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