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Turning Beauty Into A Business

2 years ago if you would’ve told Janel Jones she be the owner of Beauty, Fyne, and Fitness, a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director in qualification for her very first car, and the BOMB Zumba instructor with her own #ZumbaTribe I’m pretty sure she wouldn't have believed you.

Janel has been keeping women looking good and feeling gorgeous for the past 20 years. As of 2 years ago, she has become a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director while also maintaining her love for dance through Zumba instruction. She knows how to keep you looking flawless at all stages of life. But this badass is also a clever businesswoman.

In this episode, Janel shares secrets of a 20 year Mary Kay career that includes:

1. The power of follow-up conversations.

2. Miracle mornings.

3. What consistency REALLY means.

4. AND fun ways to sell.

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