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The Power Of Self Care

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

People are learning that if they want their business to flourish they need to focus on self care. Here are some easy tips that you can implement for your business.

1. Say no more often

This is my number one tip for both your business and personal life. As a business owner, you will have many requests for meetings, collaborations, partnerships, etc. Say no to 90 percent of these. Yes, you read that right, 90 percent. Why? Because the majority of requests sent your way will distract you from your business goals.

“But what if I lose out on an opportunity?” If you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings, or losing business one day you can redirect that person to an associate, a website, a podcast, or book that does have the answers they are seeking.

2. Ask for help and delegate

You can’t do it all yourself. Read that again. Remember, you hired savvy people who are dying for you to leave them alone and trust them to get things done. Yes, we know your business is your baby, but your employee’s job is how they keep food on the table. By delegating tasks and leaving them to get those tasks done, you will gain more loyalty for your business than you could ever imagine.

Maybe you are your employee(s) and need help with administrative tasks. Try out virtual assistants. You can set the total amount of hours needed per week to make sure everything stays within budget.

3. Shower and get dressed in the morning

More and more businesses are conducting business from home. Being at home can be rewarding, but it can also dampen your motivation to get actual work done. You’d be surprised that doing something as simple as recreating the same routine you had pre- covid i.e. going to sleep on time and getting up early to shower, shave, do your hair and make up will help your productivity.

4. Create a daily “me time” routine

Taking time everyday for some “me” time, is EXTREMELY beneficial for your self and your business. Me time can be a bubble bath or plopped down in front of a video game. The point is to allow yourself time to relax and reset so you can clear your mind to take on the tasks of your business.

5. Get enough sleep and add healthy foods to your diet.

Let’s be real, getting enough sleep and trying to eat healthy is hard if you are a business owner or not. Life has so many demands that scream to be met daily, but let’s be clear something as simple as going to bed 30 minutes earlier can impact you in positive ways. Thirty minutes of extra sleep can release you from morning brain fog. Without the fog you won’t need as much coffee to get you through the day. Less coffee means less sugar, which means less calories, and a healthier you.

More sleep lessens cravings, stress, and anxiety. Try it out and see how it helps you.

By: Leslie Berry

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