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When is the last time you made yourself a really good cup of coffee and took the time to sit and enjoy it with no interruptions? Or the last time you sat with friends and had a great big belly laugh? Or when was the last time you were fully present for your kids, no phones, tv, or anything else that would distract your senses?

These seemingly random scenarios all have joy in common and they are the secret to your business thriving. I've spoken previously about getting a hobby to make your business grow, and inviting pleasure into your life will change your business in lasting ways as well. When most people hear the word pleasure, their mind tends to go to naughty places, but the pleasure I’m referring to is synonymous with joy. But how does adding more pleasure into your life equate with business success?

Simple, once your stress level goes down, and you are out of flight or fight mode, you allow your brain to be creative. This is the prime state to be in to make informed decisions for your business without the brain fog that causes silly mistakes. In this state, you are able to freely generate more money, and the better your business does, the more pleasure you will feel. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Did you know that stress:

  • Can increase mental illness

  • Change the brain's structure

  • Kill brain cells

  • Shrink your brain

  • Reduce your memory

I mean...who has time for that? Tapping into pleasure is another way of saying, creating a work-life balance. Isn't it strange how many excuses come to mind when you read an article like this one that tells you to slow down and smell the roses? I get it, I really do, you have deadlines and responsibilities, but if you don't take care of yourself then your business will suffer.

Start taking time out to:

  • Slow down and check-in with yourself.

  • Create a pleasure practice.

  • Find ways to make your daily tasks fun.

Since I've started doing this, my stress level has gone down and my bank account has increased. I'm happier, healthier, and my business is thriving. I hope the same for you as well.


Leslie Rodgers-Berry

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