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Musical Business Sense

Being a musician is hard, especially in the past 2 years of a pandemic. How can you make a living doing what brings you joy? In this season 2 episode 3 of Leslie & Lily I interviewed Allison Rozsa Evans a vocal performer and coach based in the Chicagoland area. She shares how she stays motivated in this pandemic,

Using her unique strategy she's able to:

1.To keep her students happy and coming back for more courses.

2. Stay in a profitable business.

3. Network to gain more musical opportunities.

Allison Rozsa Evans is a performer and vocal coach training singers, actors, and business professionals to understand the power of their own voice to influence the world. She works with clients from beginner to stage professional to CEO developing their voices to be strong, captivating, and healthy.

Dedicated to communicating joy through music, Allison Rozsa Evans has been lauded as having “A Golden Voice” by the Chronicle-Telegram also saying her “voice is a powerful instrument. She can command the stage.” Ms. Evans is regularly invited to give classes to schools around the USA to give classes on vocal health.

Want to work with Allison? Visit her website here.


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