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Facebook Ads Checklist

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

There’s a lot to think about when you’re setting up a Facebook ad campaign, and it can be difficult to remember all of it when it comes time to set up and start running your ad. The good news is you don’t have to. This handy checklist will keep all of the information right at your fingertips, and will keep you on track.

1.Set goals for every campaign you run.

2. Go to the Ads Manager within Facebook using either a call to action on the page or by using the menu on the left-hand side of your news feed.

3. Choose a campaign objective (Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion)

4. Choose a target audience within the ‘Detailed targeting’ section.

5.Have your email list handy, especially when choosing ‘Customer file’ as a custom audience.

6. Have one audience ready (such as those on your Facebook page) to create a Lookalike custom audience.

7. Take a quality picture for your ad, or choose a quality stock image from Shutterstock for your ad or,

8. Film a video that will engage your audience.

9. If using a still image, choose up to six similar images to test them later.

10. Review all of Facebook’s policies for using proper images, including sizing requirements. They can be found at

11. Choose a dynamic headline within the 25 characters Facebook allows.

12. Choose engaging ad text within the 90 characters Facebook allows.

13. Include a call of action to your ad.

14. Decide where you want your ad to appear: in the news feed, on the right-hand side of the news feed, or on mobile devices.

15. Select your budget for bidding or, have Facebook do this for you.

16. Decide whether you want to pay per click (CPC) or per impression (CPM). The latter option will deduct from your bid the more times people actually see your ad appear.

17. Test, test, test. Once the ad is running, use split testing to determine which ads will perform the best for you.

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