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Can Networking Make You Rich?

YES, if you learn how to leverage your connections. It’s no secret that wealthy people run with wealthy people. They frequent the same events, fundraisers, parties, and summits. They always “know a guy” for any problem you may face, and they are up to date on the best ways to sustain their wealth. Why? Because they are networking every chance they get. They are in a community with those around them. They are giving, receiving, and learning.

Good news, you can do this too.

Networking is based in community and consists mainly of

  • · Interacting with others

  • · Exchanging information

  • · Developing professional and social contacts.

It really is that simple. Instead of approaching networking as being “pitch-minded” and a way to bulldoze your way onto a scene, start approaching it as a way to be “community-minded” make yourself the person with the answers. Start seeking out like-minded people that are going where you want to go and are determined to get there. Use social media to build relationships with those in your field. Add value to every space you enter (online or in-person) and don’t be afraid to reach out for a coffee date and see how you can be of service to someone.

It’s a simple but powerful technique that has grown my business, and my podcasts. I can’t wait to see what it does for you.

-Leslie Rodgers-Berry

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