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6 Ways To Get Your Headline Noticed

Do you have the right headline? The right headline can get your business and product noticed. The wrong headline will get you overlooked. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing headlines for articles, email subject lines, and social media copy.

Great Headlines Grab Attention

You've done your homework and written a great piece of copy or an article that is helpful, informative and perfect for your ideal customer. Now you just need to figure out your headline. You know the best headlines grab the readers attention and makes them want to read more, whether from excitement, fear, or curiousity. But how can you write a compelling enough headline to make a person want to read more?

When writing keep theses six things in mind. Great headlines__________.

1. Are beneficial to the reader. Headlines should be clear about what the reader will learn.

2. Are fixed: Headlines should be specific to the subject of the article or email.

3. Give possible outcomes. Headlines should show the reader what they can expect from reading your content.

4. Include numbers. Headlines that include numbers are twice as likely to grab attention than those without.

5. Use "you" and "your". Personalizing headlines subconsciously makes the reader feel you are talking to them directly. This makes them feel seen.

6. Use key words. Properly using key words will help your business be found across multiple platforms, search, and SEO. make sure that your headline has a few keywords in it.

Author: Leslie B.

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