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4 Tips To Create Shareable Content.

We all know that more shares equals more engagement and more business for you. But how do you create content that definitely will be shared? You cater your content to your customers. 90% of what you share should be about your customer. Educate them, laugh with them, hight light them, then market yourself.

Shareable content is tied to "self". This means if people can't see themselves in, wearing, or visiting your business, they will not give the content you create a second glance. Now more than ever you have the chance to reach a global audience. Having diverse and inclusive content is a must.

Shareable content is emotional. I'm guessing that the last piece of content you shared with your friends either made you laugh, angry, or you shared it because you were anxious/fearful. Keep in mind the emotional response you want your customers to have when looking at your content.

Shareable content is current. Think trending topics, holidays, the latest news, and find ways to incorporate them into what you want to share to your audience.

Sharable content is beneficial to the viewer. You want to add value to whomever is looking at your content. Examples of this would be educational videos, practical advice, news letters, and content that solves problems all will get your content shared and re shared.

The above four tips are simple, but very powerful when used consistently. Start creating posts that use two or three of these tips in them and you will see your engagement rate improve.

Author: Leslie B.

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