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About Lily Rose DMA



I'm Leslie, owner of Lily Rose DMA.  I am a full-time speaker and marketer who has been showing business owners and entrepreneurs how to market themselves for almost 10 years. Marketing can be fun and VERY profitable when you learn how to market to the generations.


Branding, sales funnels, and customer personas mean very little if you don't know WHO your customers are, and WHERE you can find them. I love teaching my clients how to be seen on and offline, but most of all I love showing them how to create a profitable business NO MATTER the economy. 


Don't just take my word for it, read my reviews, and after you do that book me as your next Keynote speaker.

Happy Marketing!



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"GOOD MARKETING makes the company look smart. GREAT MARKETING makes the customer feel smart."

My Mission

To make marketing fun, easy, and profitable for your business.

Our Mission

My Vision

To help create confidence in marketing for entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, and beyond.

"Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher."

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